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Be a part of changing history. 

Statistics say that New England is known for being the least religious part of the US. However, we believe there is a remnant in the region of New England that is rising up to takeover the land for the Kingdom. There is a sound of worship and prayer that is being released over the land for this time. We are being intentional and moving with what God is doing and speaking by equipping the remnant of worshipers, creatives and intercessors of the region, and we are going to raise an altar of worship and prayer to the one true God. 

Zion 24 New England Worshiper's Conference Teaser

Zion 24 New England Worshiper's Conference Teaser

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Meet The Resources for Zion '24

New England Worshiper's Conference

Image by Simon Fitall

More On Zion '24

Keep scrolling to view what's happening in the conference and what to expect. 

Breakout Sessions

The breakout sessions will be theologically based teachings focused on different areas of worship and prayer. These teachings will be more interactive and be taught by seasoned and experienced ministers. 


Music & Song

Breakout session for Musicians and Singers. 

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Fine Arts

Breakout Session focused on Ministers of the arts: Dance, Flags, and so forth.

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Breakout session for videographers, photographers, podcasters and all other creatives.

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Breakout Session focused on intercession and prayer.

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Breakout Session for painters and prophetic art. 

Skills Workshops

The skills workshops will be separated by different areas of worship arts, creatives and prayer. These workshops will be focused on the development, refinement and activation of our skill and craft.

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Music + Sound

Centered on musicians (Music directors, arrangers, worship team bands and more) and audio (understanding sound) in the area of worship.



Focused on dance in the area of worship.



Centered on all vocalists: backgrounds, leads, recording artists, and teams in the area of worship.

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Focused on painters and prophetic art. 

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Centered on creatives in video and photos for church media. 

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This workshop will be more of an activation session for prayer warriors and intercessors. 

Image by Terren Hurst

ZION '24

On the last night of the conference, there will be a worship and prayer night where all of the worshipers and creatives can utilize everything they've learned over the weekend and put it in action.


On this night, we are going to have an altar of worship and prayer raised to the Lord and we are going to have different dynamic worship leaders from New England release original songs which will be professionally recorded with multitracks and professional video footage. The audio will be later mixed mastered and copyrighted for professional use and released in the world and videos will be edited and color graded professionally. Attendees will be alto beat unique experience.


On this very night we will also have a time to intercede for the region and a time of impartation for the attendees of the conference. This way they can be released into their cities to spark and sustain revival so that the glory of the Lord can invade New England. 


Image by Kerensa Pickett


Individual, Volunteer and Group Registration available.

Vendors Wanted

We want your business in our marketplace! Want to become a vendor for Zion '24?

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