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Who We Are

We are a Christian Ministry focused on the Music Ministry and the Prophetic

We help train, equip, launch and raise up prophetic worshipers to shake nations with the gospel and heaven's sound. Our ministry hosts different events and conferences to impart into the worshipers of different communities, cultures and backgrounds.

River Music also carries two businesses to equip and release worshipers. These businesses are: River Music Recording Studio (built to help worshipers in Christian Music Industry) and River Music Academy (designed to help worshipers in discovery of their gifts and worshipers who desire to refine their gifts and skill)

Our Mission: To raise up altars of worship in the nations for the glory of the Lord to invade the earth.

Our Vision: To equip, impart, and launch worshipers to bring revival and release glory in their land.


Meet The Team

Our Story

River Music Ministries was first inspired through the different individual journeys of Jesus and Katherine Nieves. Jesus was born and raised in Canovanas, Puerto Rico where he grew up in a small pentecostal church where he served as a musician and worship leader. As he grew he began to grow in the ministry of worship and began to focus on playing for some very well admired artists such as: Rene Gonzalez. Hector "El Father" Delgado, Favela, Daniel Johnson (Former Director of New Breed), and many more. He later transitioned to an Apostolic and Prophetic Church later as an adult and continued to play and direct around the Island of Puerto Rico. In 2015, The Lord called him to move to Massachusetts where he later married his wife and ministry partner Katherine Nieves in 2017.


Katherine was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and moved to the states as a young child. She grew up in Springfield, Massachusetts in a christian family. Even as a young girl, Katherine housed a passion for worship and love for the Presence of God.  She started writing songs when she was 11 as a way to process the world around her. As a teen, Katherine started leading on worship teams with her local church. She continued to lead as an adult and attended Berklee College of Music. She began to travel the nations and led worship in small and large settings. In 2015 she met her (now) husband and they got married in 2017.

When Jesus and Katherine joined in 2015 they realized in both of their journeys as young ministers that there was a desperate need for worshipers to be trained, equipped and empowered to be effective and continue their journey as worshipers. They started in a small basement to give lessons to people who asked to be taught. It started off of helping 1-3 worshipers to now owning their own commercial space for their academy. Jesus began recording some songs for Katherine in 2017 to help her relate music. They've encountered many other worshipers who went through the similar process of trying to release music but lacked the resources to do so. When Katherine graduated Berklee College of Music, they officially launched River Music Recording Studio.

They began working together in ministry in the year of 2015 at a local church in Springfield, MA where they became worship pastors and served together for 9 years. They began ministering nationally and internationally together in 2017 shortly after they were married and have continued to do so ever since. 

Jesus and Katherine expanded their family and now have their daughter, Hazel Nieves. They both continue to do national and international ministry work together and sometimes individually, and they continue to run River Music Ministries; an apostolic and prophetic hub for worshipers to be mentored, equipped and sen.

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